Innocence to ‘living in sin’


Siem Reap, Cambodia, is the place, where Angkor wat, the largest temple in the world situated. Mondo Bai is a poor village in this area. Around 800 families are living here under the poverty line.

There, the youngest ‘karaoke girls’ work for $40 USD a month. The girls, who are above 17 or 25 years of age, come from all over from the country, and their stories are almost same. Poverty is the main cause behind their work here. Their main clients are Khemer people and sometimes some foreigners.  They pay $1 for a beer and $ 2 for ‘karaoke girls’ to sing romantic local songs. Alcohol is the only income for the karaoke business that employs the girls.  The ‘pleasure ladies’ make ends meet by singing popular tracks, enticing customers to stay. Despite the inherent violence that inevitably follows excessive drinking, the girls feel they have no choice but to engage the men in order to earn a living.

Girls working in karaoke as singer and dancer but for more money they are ready to go for sex with clients for which they get about $15. Maximum karaoke girls’ families think that their girls are working with honor in the city, who send money home every month.